Santigold - “Big Mouth”

it’s about goddamned time!

Gotye, feat. Kimbra - “Somebody That I Used to Know”

Lana del Rey - “Blue Jeans”

holy shit. lana del rey. 

well alright then.

"Cold Star" - Din [A] Tod

Hercules & Love Affair - “Painted Eyes”

"Every Night My Teeth Are Falling Out," by The Antlers

"Sadness is a Blessing," Lykke Li

"Blackout" by Anna Calvi.

If I had to pick a “best album of the year” right now, this would be it. Anna Calvi is blowing my mind. I mean, when Brian Eno says you’re the “biggest thing since Patti Smith” and Nick Cave personally requests you to tour with him, you’ve got my attention.

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